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We provide Smart solutions in full system design & simplify engineering, construction, scaffolding, fabricating and mechanism.

Excellence and innovation built into every fabrication,
engineering and mechanical fitting.
Mechanical Pipe
Fabrication and Installation

We have the capacity to mechanically develop almost any type of installation, from the layout to detailed engineering’s. We have our own pipe prefabrication workshop.

Structural Steel Fabrication and Installation

We provides structural steel fabrication, design and installation services for a broad range of projects.

Mechanical Fitting – Pumps, Valves , Screws Motors Gearbox etc.

We use a range of tools and engineering techniques to maintain and repair mechanical plant machinery and equipment to operational standards

Specialist Mechanical Equipment Fabrication and Repair to Pressure Vessels

Our team has great experience in the fabrication and erection of structural steel. We together with our alliance partners have fabricated and erected.

Ducting , Chute and Hoppers

We offering  a complete choice of services which include Fabrication Of Duct, Chute, Hopper, Bin, Reducer And Bends 

Steam Piping

We offer a pipe designed to carry pressurized steam from a boiler to the working components, i.e. the steam engine(s) or turbine(s)

Process Piping

Our Process Piping and Plumbing can be complex concepts to define especially in the absence of in-depth information to effectively differentiate.

Screen Plates Screw Conveyors

We offer screw conveyors that is used to transport waste from bar screens. The conveyor consists of a coreless screw rotating in a U-shaped.

Storage Silos and Tanks

We provides industrial bulk storage tanks and silos for storage of bulk liquids and chemicals to the blending of dry bulk solids and more.

Steam Systems Installation

We offer a Steam systems installation considerations for steam flowmeters, including the use of strainers, separators and flow.

Supervision , Planning and Execution of Mechanical Fabrication and Installation Estimation

We provide  project management that schedule reservation’s and the connection will be designed in execution phase with an Engineering.

Design Engineering

We offer design and test a range of consumer goods and products. They use computer software to create designs and build models and prototypes

Pressure Vessels , Low and High Pressure Piping

We provide a pressure vessels and low pressure storage tanks widely … involve the pressure vessel.

Steam Systems Installation

We provide a maintenance and service of Chillers Spares, Repairs and maintenance for all makes of process water chillers.

Heat Exchangers , Tanks and Containers

We provide a heat exchanger device which transfers heat from one medium to another, a Hydraulic Oil Cooler or example will remove heat from hot oil.

Maintenance and service to Cooling Towers

During routine operation, cooling towers continuously scrub bacteria, dust, pollen​, insects, and other debris from the air. 

General Structural Steel and Steam Generators

We provide a high heat transfer performance and high allowable strength at elevated temperature.

Preventative maintenance to Various site

We provide a maintenance department handles all the systems, repairs, and ongoing tasks to keep a facility running each and every day.

Supplies of Stainless Steel and General Steel supplies

We also provide a Stainless steel generally is a family of chromium-containing alloys. All these alloys contain at least 11 percent chromium

Supply of Pumps , Motors , Gearbox , Valves , Cooling towers , Chillers , Steam generator , Heat exchangers

We provide an equipment such as chillerspumps, and cooling towers should not be … dividing the energy supplied by all the energy inputs


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